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Meet Our Local Artists

 Our local artists display in the gallery and many assist in the daily operation. Each time you visit the gallery you will meet different artists that love to share their work and the story behind their artistic journey. We keep a good variety of artists. No one does the same work, allowing for a wonderfully diverse selection. Whether you are looking for a special piece of art, are in need of a gift or just want to get you coastal vibe going, stop in and you will be pleased with the unique offerings.

Sharon Owens

Acrylic Artist: Sharon Owens

Laura C

Resin & Shell art: Laura Croysdale

Pat P

Mixed Media Artist: Pat Page

Chris S

Ceramic Artist: Chris Steffen

Cathy C

Sculpture & Acrylic Artist: Cathy Calvin

Marcia S

Handcrafted Reclaimed Copper Jewelry: Marcia Shedeck

April D

Acrylic Mixed Media Artist: April DeLatte

Robin T

Glass/Mixed Media Artist: Robin Tracy

Bob S

Woodworking Artist: Bob Sasser

Judith S

Fused Glass & Silver Smith: Judith Sasser

Julia H

Handcrafted Fabric & Fused Glass Jewelry: Julia Hagens

Jackie G

Watercolor/Acrylic Artist: Jackie Gear

Kathy B

Pottery Artist: Kathy Bowers

Christy K

Wire Wrapped Jewelry: Christy Kjos

Dale S

Lamp Work Glass & Sterling Artist: Dale Stokes

Jennifer H

Glass Resin Artist: Jennifer Hathaway

Kathy W

Pottery Artist: Kathy Waggoner

Libby Y

Acrylic Artist: Libby Yarborough

Martha J

Acrylic Artist: Martha Johnson

Vickie H

Whimsical Artist: Vickie Henson

Patricia W

Textured Acrylic Artist: Patricia Winter


Acrylic/Oil Artist: Melinda Combes


Metal Artist: Amy Hines


Master Woodworker: Brad Queen


Pottery Artist: Kim J. Brungraber


Acrylic Artist: Tammie Kristoff


Ceramic Tile & Jewelry Artist: Lorraine Bracher


Textile Artist: Patti Wommer


Handmade Glass Jewelry: Martha Desposito

Local Seashell Artist: Terry Toenes

Local Seashell Artist: Terry Toenes

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